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    Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

    It is no secret that the fashion and jewelry industry relies hugely on visual grace. If something is displayed at its best and is appealing, it works. In other cases, it just doesn’t. As such Photoshop is a boon to this domain and is used not just to remove any imperfections but also to display a product to the best of its magnificence. The contrast settings, tone, brightness, and many other details are altered to make every image look perfect in all aspects. We Offer Online low prices jewelry Image Retouching Services

    Image Alignment 

    First things first, we will adjust  jewelry photographs alignment. Some time it look tilted so we correct this  error and make your jewelry straight and proper align.

    Make Clipping Path

    When we talk about retouching a jewelry image for online stores, we include the background in it. We can edit the background or just remove jewelry photo background using Photoshop by different methods. We can use the clipping path pen tool as it helps to remove the background yet keeps the object in the exact same shape as before.

    Brightness And Contrast Adjustment

    These settings make a great impact on any image and can easily make the image much more impactful. Photoshop does a fantastic job when it comes to adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image.It will help to improve image quality and jewelry look more appealing.

    Adjust The Colour Balance Of The Image

    The colour balance option in Photoshop helps adjust the colour balance of the image to make it look more appealing. One can choose which colour to be highlighted or to be treated as the background for the image.

    Sharpen Jewelry

    Sometimes, the piece of jewelry has sharp edges due to stones or metals like Gold and Silver. In such cases, to make the image look a little softer, the Unsharp Mask tool is used. It is an excellent retouching tool offered by Adobe Photoshop.

    Creating Natural Shadow Effects

    When you edit jewelry image in photoshop, it is necessary for you to produce a natural shadow effect, which enhance the looks of the image. While unwanted shadows can be a nuisance, it is important to give a touch to it by using the various shadow effects. This realistic impact can lead to an increment in sales, as it adds to the depth of the subject. These natural shadow effects entice the shoppers, directing their attention to an intended area. Reach out to the experts for an assistance in photoshop jewelry shadow creation. This will enhance the appearance of the jewelry to a significant extent.


    It is important to adjust the exposure of the image. Level is very important it will improve you over all image quality and your jewelry look more appealing.

    Removal Of Unwanted Spots And Dusts

    Unwanted spots removal is a crucial aspect of photography post processing services. Clear and stunning visuals are extremely important when it comes to images of jewelry pieces. For the image to look more attractive, it is essential that the image is void of any flaws. Sometimes, when the product is being photographed, the spots on it are not noticed. But, when the images are being processed, these spots need to be consciously removed. To do the same, Adobe Photoshop has a few tools. Different brush tools like Spot Healing Brush tool, Clone Stamp Tool and Healing Brush tool are a few to name.

    Add Jewelry Dimension

    When you sale jewelry online customer facing difficulty to understand the jewelry size and dimension. Adding dimension will help customer to understand jewelry size.


    Some time images not proper size and have some extra spaces we need crop those extra spaces so user can focus your jewelry.

    Why You Choose Tecpixel

    A Perfect Team Of Jewelry Editing Services

    We have a bunch of highly skilled and motivated  jewelry photo editing professionals who have expertise in jewelry photo retouching and jewelry photo editing. Our team has handled numerous jewelry photography fixing and touch-up jobs and have a proven ability to work to stringent deadlines.

    Unlimited Revisions

    We give you 100% customer satisfaction result our editor always ready to understand customer requirement, needs and give full unlimited revisions.

    Stunning Images With Reasonable Price

    We don’t penny pinch you with any hidden charges and neither do we charge you unreasonably. Our services are reasonable, affordable and We never compromise on quality

    Free Sample For Jewelry Photo Editing Services

    We offer a  free sample trial job without cost or obligation to give insight into our high quality Jewelry Editing Services  before embarking on the entire project.

    Contact us to get free sample jewelry photo editing services

    Discuss Your Project With Us

    Write to us at  info@localhost for house photo-fix, touch-up and enhancement services. Kindly get in touch with us for any further queries.