product photo editing clipping path beforeproduct photo editing clipping path after
Clipping path

Using Photoshop Pen Tool, we create handmade clipping paths that eliminate or cut out a background from an image. The price is determined by the complexity of the image to be clipped.

product photo editing white background beforeproduct photo editing white background after
Add white background

Our experts are willing to replace your current background with a better one quickly and easily. Just send your requirements on our contact us form and our team will contact you shortly.

product photo editing brightness contrast beforeproduct photo editing brightness contrast after
Adjusting the brightness and contrast

Light is crucial for commercial product shoots, but sometimes it’s difficult to get the right results on camera. Our expert photo editors will fix all lighting, contrast, and level problems in post production.

product photo editing retouching cleaning beforeproduct photo editing retouching cleaning after
Photo retouching and cleaning

As part of our basic photo retouching service, we remove dust and scratches from your product images so they look fresh, sharp and clean.

product photo editing color enhancement beforeproduct photo editing color enhancement after
Color enhancement

A color correction is among the first edits that we perform on your images. This includes white balance, tonal range, exposure, color temperature, saturation, contrast, and vibration.

product photo editing add reflection beforeproduct photo editing add reflection after
Adding shadow and reflections

As part of our photo enhancement services, we add drop shadows, natural shadows, and product reflections. This gives the image a different and realistic appearance.

product photo editing ghost mannequin beforeproduct photo editing ghost mannequin after
Ghost mannequin

Invisible Mannequin focuses on displaying the apparel without the mannequin. By doing this, the cloth maintains its exact shape as it was on the mannequin. This is similar to adding a neck or shoulder to your product.

product photo editing change colors beforeproduct photo editing change colors after
Change the colors

In order to show customers that your product is available in different colors,you don’t need to take more photos. Through photo color changing services, we create realistic color variations so that you can get different e-commerce product photos from the same photograph.

product photo editing drop shadow add beforeproduct photo editing drop shadow add after
Remove minor blemishes & dust spots

We can easily and quickly remove something relatively minor from your photo, such as a spot from some dust on the camera’s sensor, a blemish on your subject’s face, or something relatively simple like that.

product photo editing make creatives beforeproduct photo editing make creatives after
Make creatives

For your e-commerce product, our photo editor can also create an attractive photo manipulation so that consumers can learn more about your products.


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