Why You Need Jewelry Retouching Services

Enhance Product Appeal

Jewelry retouching improves product aesthetics, making them more enticing to potential buyers.

Highlight Details

Retouching highlights intricate details, enhancing the beauty and craftsmanship of jewelry pieces.

Boost Sales Potential

Professionally retouched images drive higher conversions and increase sales for jewelry businesses.

Stand Out from Competitors

Quality retouching sets jewelry apart, making it more memorable and desirable to customers.

Build Brand Reputation

High-quality images reflect positively on your brand, fostering trust and credibility among buyers.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

Retouched jewelry images elevate marketing materials, increasing engagement and attracting more customers.

Check out our jewelry Retouching process

Jewelry photo editing services refer to the process of enhancing and retouching images of jewelry to make them more visually appealing and accurate. These services are typically provided by professional photo editors who have experience and expertise in editing jewelry images.

Clipping path

Creating a clipping path to separate the jewelry from the background, allowing the jewelry to be placed on a different background or to be isolated for further editing. Creating a clipping path in jewelry images typically involves using a tool called a “pen tool” in image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop. The pen tool is used to manually trace around the edges of the jewelry in the image, creating a path that defines the boundaries of the subject.

It can be challenging to create a clipping path, which requires great attention to detail and accuracy to achieve a clean cutout.

Background editing

Using the clipping path, you can separate the jewelry from the background, allowing you to place it on a different background or isolate it for further editing. The image can be saved in different formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG with transparency, which will only show the jewelry and the background will be transparent.

If you want to remove the jewelry photo background and replace it with a clean background, you can tell us. Our expert photo editing team will do it.

Jewelry dust removal

This involves removing any dust or debris that may be present on the jewelry in the image. This can be done using various tools and techniques, such as the healing brush tool or the clone stamp tool in image editing software.

Color correction & recoloring

Color correction & recoloring: This involves adjusting the color balance, saturation, and hue of the jewelry in the image to make it more accurate and visually pleasing. Various color correction tools and techniques are available in image editing software, such as color balance, hue/saturation, and vibrancies adjustments.

In jewelry photo editing it is possible to show the same jewelry in different color variations like rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or any other colors. Our expert photo editor can do this very professionally.

Adjusting the brightness and contrast

Visually pleasing images are created by adjusting their brightness and contrast. This can be done using various brightness and contrast adjustment tools and techniques, such as the levels and curves adjustments in image editing software.

Metal smoothing

This involves smoothing out any rough or uneven textures on the metal surface of the jewelry in the image. This can be done using various smoothing tools and techniques, such as the brush tool, clone stamp tool, healing brush tool and the patch tool in image editing software.

Drop shadow and reflections

This involves adding drop shadow and reflections to the jewelry in the image to make it appear more three-dimensional and realistic. This can be done using various layer styles, filters and layer masking in image editing software.

Fix stone shine

The diamond shape and shine can also be adjusted according to the client’s requirements. Our experts are capable of doing this with quality work.

jewelry retouching add dimension
Add dimension

This involves adding dimensions to the jewelry in the image to give the customers an idea of the actual size of the jewelry.

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